Sunday, January 13, 2013

"You know what, you should just start a blog about all the coffee shops you've been to and just...I dunno, talk about them"

-Jessie Quintana

So that's what I plan on doing.

I guess after I was told this by a good friend of mine today at church, I realized that, 'Yeah! I should totally sit in front of a computer and type out my coffee nonsense for the heck of it.' Just for good measure I also ran it by my wife and she gave me the thumbs up for it too, which is typically how I make many of my decisions. Some people have a Magic 8 Ball; I have my wife.

Some people watch sports as a hobby. I make latte art.
I enjoy a good cup of coffee. I really do. Probably more than your average coffee drinker does. Definitely more than your Folger's coffee drinker does. I think it was about a year and half ago that I started really enjoying coffee. I'm not going to sit here and make you think I'm some kind of coffee expert that's been drinking coffee since before it was cool. I haven't. You want to know why I started drinking coffee? It started with this song. Some guy talking to a girl about getting some coffee together late at night.  I remember telling my wife, "I really wish I liked coffee, so we could be cool and go hang out at coffee shops after dinner and stuff."

Long story short, I started drinking coffee, which was much to my wife's grief (I'll explain later, or maybe after I start blogging enough, you'll wish I hadn't had the stuff and just stopped blogging). And I didn't drink just coffee. I started drinking Portola coffee (I'll do a post about this place in future posts, as well as many others). It was the first coffee experience I had. The place was brand new and had just opened about a week prior. We walked into this totally hipster looking place after dinner and ordered from some menu that had all these descriptions of coffee like "berry mouthfeel, honeysuckle finish" and "fruity, blood orange, snozzberry." I was like, "Dude, fruit flavored coffee sounds awesome! This is gonna be rad!" I was handed my hand crafted cup and as I reached for the sugar by the coffee lids the barista asked me, before I tainted it with additives,  to try the coffee black. So I did. I did it and gave one of my weird halfway smiles; one of those I-just-gotta-make-it-look-like-I-really-like-this-stuff kind of face to the barista. I told her, "Oh yeah! This tastes fantastic!"when in reality, I was as ready as ever to head over to the counter and drown that sucker with sugar.

However, that first coffee experience somehow led to a second. Which led to a third, and then a fourth, and so on and so forth (which, in fact, is also how most drug addictions start; just thought I'd throw in that fun fact). Now it's probably just annoying to my friends, as I describe some coffees as having 'such fruity notes and creamy mouth feels and blah blah blah blah blah,' and Instagram my latest latte artwork that I'm trying to improve on. Regardless, over the past year and a half I've grown to develop quite the affection toward the brewed beverage and, as mentioned before, intend on talking about it here in this safe place. It's safe because this blog has the word "coffee" in it. It makes it okay. And the fact that I could very easily disable any comments on this blog if I received any negative feedback, which would, in turn, make this blog an unsafe place for me to rant (I joke... I do not intend on doing that).

Speaking of intentions, I'd like to forewarn you that I did not just want to make this a blog about coffee. The reason being is that I, personally, would be bored if I just talked about coffee. I feel that most people who are interested in something aren't just interested in one single thing. We are unique people who are multi-faceted. I'm not just a coffee drinker, I'm a husband. I'm a brother. I'm a friend, a son, and a soon to be father. I'm a musician, I'm a hard worker and most importantly to me, I'm a child of the Living God. I sound like I'm typing out some kind of resume, but all that is to say that we're so much more than just one type of person and I'd be a liar if I told you my life revolves around just coffee. It doesn't. However I  do hope to have discussions with anyone who reads this blog regarding the variety of topics I blog about. I will say a lot of them will be about coffee, while others may be about my cat, or whatever. I called this blog "Life & Some Coffee" because I intend on talking about just that; life. And also about coffee.